Here for the long haul

We love the work we do, and because we take in unwanted, abused pets and strays regardless of their needs, some of our animals need a lot of time and care before they're ready to look for a new owner. We give unconditional love and support to all the animals in our care, but we can't do it alone, if you would like to help, by volunteering, making a donation towards medical expenses, sponsor a dog, cat, kitten or our farm animals, please contact us via email or facebook.

Here for owners

We offer advice, support  for all kinds of pet owners.
Whether you need advice on toilet training your dog,  or have a more complex question, we're here to help.

For many years our teams of Volunteers, Foster Parents work tirelessly to provide safe shelter, specialist care, and a brighter future for abandoned, abused, unwanted dogs, cats and small pets. Many 0f our rescues need medical care and some have complex behavioural issues. But we’re here to provide the care and rehabilitation they need – and a second chance at happiness.

Whatever the reason for a pet coming to us, we don’t turn them away. And we never judge anyone for having to give up their pet or turning to us for support. Because at Big Reds our priority is to help every animal, no matter what their background or how challenging their care may be.

Apply to adopt or Foster a dog or Cat, kitten

Here at Big Reds, we get a lot of enquiries every week .We work hard to find the perfect match starting with our dogs’, cats needs, and it can be that we are unable to match you straight away. We don’t exclude anyone from adopting a pet based on blanket policies. For example, we don’t automatically turn away families with certain aged children, people who live in flats or don’t have a garden.

If you’re ready to bring a four-legged friend into your life then we’re here to help.


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